Custom Automation Scripts

There are many repetitive daily task like updating content, collect data, auto send mail … We do provide solution to help you to minimize effort on these type of task. Both for daily tasks and server tasks


Repetitive tasks are part of our life, and that’s what we trained for. Those tasks are tedious , so we’re here to make you life better, more time for other important things


At isevenr, we understand how repetitive tasks should be handled. We’ve converted many tasks to scripts for ourselves using many approaches like

  • Bash script
  • Ruby script
  • Python Script
  • Macros


Now, we’re open to help others with same kind of tools we’ve been using and building. If you’re having the same issues, call us to get them scripted and automated.


Though we have a comprehensive development procedure which is agile, configurable and easy. But for tasks like this, we believe it can be done even faster. Let’s get in touch and let us know what do you want to automate.