Our Comprehensive Services

Our wide-ranging service offerings allow us to help organizations and address specific needs.

Complete Technical Audit

Find answers for your website issues:

– slow response time

– crashing for apparently no reason

– signs of hacking

– customer complains

– sales dropped

At isevenr, we offer complete and comprehensive technical audit service. We help to identify problems and we provide solutions for every problem.

Maintenance & Customization

For existing projects, we offer maintenance & customization for various aspects of Magento , from surface to the deepest core.

Stable site means stable growth.

Let us smash all annoying bugs and help you to keep your online store up-to-date!


Happy with your existing CRM, ERP, POS, fulfillment, accounting, or other softwares ?

No Problem, our team will customize your Magento website to play nicely with all your current softwares.

We have years of experience building these integrations, understanding the all difficulties involved, and can help build reliable integrations that will help your businesses grow for years to come.

Theme Development

We have considerable experience working with themes designed on the Magento platform. This includes building custom themes or working with existing themes.

Theme is the most visible component to your customers, it represents your website ideas, experiences, ease of use.

Regardless of the needs, We will apply best practices when building and extending your Magento theme.

Upgrades & Migrations

Upgrading your Magento site can be very complex depending on the versions and modules involved, any custom features that have been developed, and any integrations that may exist.

When it comes to upgrades, isevenr has experience with so many websites in over 11 year + of experiencce.

Custom Design

Building Custom Designs for any business is a complex process.

It is important to not only communicate the companies services and strengths in a meaningful way, it is also important to communicate the companies values and brand identity.

We’re a team of experienced professionals will work with your company to bring value and a unique identity to your brand.

Custom Extensions

We have built many custom extensions for websites in different businesses, and published them to market places.

Let work together on requirements and we will build your next Magento 2 extensions.

Performance Tuning

We have 11 years + of Magento experience and server optimization to push your website to the next level.

We’ve implemented many architectures which are effective for vertical scaling and reliable for horizontal scaling.

We’re familiar with caching techniques, CDN services, load balancing .. to bring quick content loading to your location. This means where ever you are in the world your site will load quickly in that region.

Data Import/Export

The taxonomy of your data can be complicated and getting that data onto your website can be time consuming.

We will work with your staff to train you on the most efficient ways to push data live on your website or even update content. All this can be done in bulk or scripted

Complete Technical Audit

When your website has been around for a long time, it must been  through lot of things : countless developers touched your code,  countless hackers tried to breach your system , your growing customer base starts seeing slow website … that’s when an Audit is required to review your whole website and plan next actions to cure all bad issues and that’s what we’ve been doing for years.

Woocommerce Development

We’ve been working with WooCommerce for over 6 years on all kinds of task like : customizing theme, plugins, upgrade , migrate data …etc.. We’re confident that we can handle all  kind of needs you have.

Theme development

Since our first days working with WordPress, we’ve been building wordpress themes and we understand WordPress theme in and out. Let us know what do you want to do with theme, it can be either a brandnew one or existing one , then we will help you to handle the rest and get your theme looks and feels exactly as you want.

Maintenance packages

Wordpress core, plugins, themes … are evolving very fast, new versions , features are being added weekly, monthly . So it’s important to adapt and keep your website up to date. We’re here to help you keep everything running smooth and we also offer services to fix problems on your existing WordPress website.

Custom Plugins

Every business has their unique style and so yours. To translate business uniqueness into website , you need custom plugins no one has, we’re here to help you to translate all your business needs into code and make it accessible by your customers.


Wordpress is a great standalone CMS solution, but it’s also awesome when it comes to work with other platforms and services. We provide integration service to make your WordPress website plays nice with other platforms.


If you have a website on other platforms or custom built, and you want to move to WordPress. We have the experts to make  migration hassle-free and smooth.

Multisite development

Interested in building multiple website or a network with WordPress ? We’ve got your back. Whether it’s building a complex system or a WordPress multisite plugin, we’ve been through them all and you’re covered.

Theme Development

Adding custom features to shopty themes or creating custom layouts and theme design for both mobile and desktop are what we’ve been doing so far. If you want an unique user interface and shopping experience, please dont hesitate to contact us and discuss more on it!

Website Development

We configure , setup and custommize your store , product pages, shopping cart and other places to help you get what you want in the most reasonable ways.


From years of e-commerce expertise, we’ve been migrating many online stores from other platforms to Shopify. We provide optimal solutions for migration with minimum down time. Everything will be scheduled, scripted and there are many dry runs to guarantee your migration is hassle free!

Custom App

Shopify is a great platform with many capabilities and very flexible, but it’s still not enough to cover everything in the world of business. That’s why Apps exist and we build Apps. Our solutions focusing on bringing your business to the Shopify and the clouds as much as possible.


Shopify can be integrated with other system via Apps and APIs. We’ve successfully integrated many business systems for our clients and liberated many offices from dull, laborious tasks that restrict the value that can be achieved from their time.

Custom API development

Making your systems work well together by building API and bridge interface to connect multiple systems.

Custom Website Development

Building custom website that suits your business perfectly. This is unique solution so it's secure, lightning fast ... without all unnecessary components from popular platforms. This option is the best if you want to build a special website to represent your business logic that will not be seen anywhere else.

Custom Automation Scripts

There are many repetitive daily task like updating content, collect data, auto send mail ... We do provide solution to help you to minimize effort on these type of task. Both for daily tasks and server tasks

Creativity takes courage and determination

Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches for your needs. You’ll take guaranteed giant leaps toward in your business.

Understanding your requirements, objectives and final scope is important to us. We listen and work together to create a trully unique and unforgettable experience.

See Our Procedure

Innovative Solutions

Innovation is very important for Internet and Business evolution, it’s also very important to us. People say do not reinvent the wheel , but they do not say making use of existing technologies and methods to get the best result out of the given task. That’s how we do.

Realistic Solutions

We are result oriented , so our solutions are not only innovative but also effective. We put your goals above all and accomplish them with reasonable methods.


We are truthful and honest in our professional work and in our personal lives. We believe integrity is the foundation of every good relationship and business.


This is how we communicate information to each other internally between our team and externally between we and you. There is no hidden cost, bugs or risks, everything will be listed and reported.

Configurable Development Procedure

Understanding your concerns about timeline and budget, we offer 7 steps configurable development procedure that will meet all your requirements. Our procedure is based on Agile/Kanban/Scrum and can be adjusted per project size.

Our Works

Check out our hand selected projects from many awesome projects we worked on.

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